Now a days the trending issue is the result scam in Intermediate Examination conducted by Bihar Intermediate Examination Council in 2016.
It was customary for well wishers in Bihar to assist their kids with cheating in exams by crawling over the walls of the examination centres like SPIDERMAN and Lizards. But after it was denunciated all over the world following the live videos and reports of mass level cheating in Board Examinations.
This year the education board, the government and the administration applied all its efforts to conduct fair and transparent examinations. Thus the government's endeavor was welcomed, especially because it was not supposed to happen after the grand coalition came into power.
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Bright Side of Education System of Bihar

Dark side of Bihar's Education System: Exam Season, Source: The Hindu
Then the question arises that what went wrong with all these scenario that brought attention over the result scam. Prima facie, it is just because of the two state toppers who were unable to answer some basic questions in a media trial_ here the question arises that whether these students were hesitating before the camera or they really have no knowledge of their subjects. This point will be apparent only after the reports of the Interview cum Review Committee is out in public, which has been constituted by the education board to get into the matter to find out the facts by interviewing the 7 toppers of Arts and Science stream each.
The another aspect is that whether there's any false play???

As I was going through different news sources, I found that the principal, Bachcha Roy alias Amit Kumar passed ISc in 1998 to become the Principal of Vishun Roy College established by his father Rajdeo Roy. Also he is a close aide of RJD supremo Lalu Prasad. He has even shared dais during assembly elections.
Another fact which is also a matter of investigation is the flourishing Result Mafia outside exam paper's evaluation centers and the involvement of teachers and administrative staffs in result mafia's working module. Whether the result mafia has deepen its roots to influence the results to such an extent.
It is also stunning to know that the same thing happened with the students of VRC  of intermediate, in which 473 out of 477 were pass with  1st division but later after rechecking only 3 could pass with 1st division and 411 were 2nd division.

One thing which should be cared and is a matter of concern for all of us  especially those who have passed this year; Any Institute or organization will not trust the credibility of the results of even genuine students even after the 14 toppers are being interviewed. The Institutes will not take any risk in admitting these students (so called having fake or forged marks on genuine marksheet). Ultimately this will hamper the education and life of students of Bihar. So this issue should be raised by the Student's Unions  to secure the future of Bihar.


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