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A. Blood Clotting Factors: Easy to Learn

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1. F- Fibrinogen
2.  P- Prothrombin
3. T - Thromboplastin
4. C - Calcium (Ionic)
5. L - Labile factor
6. (factor six not found)
7. S - Stable factor
8. A - Antihaemophilic factor
9. C - Christmas factor
10. S - Stuart prower factor
11. P - Plasma thromboplastin antecedent
12. H - Hageman factor
13. F - Fibrin stabilising factor

B. Sperm Pathway in human

SEVEN UP (7 up)

1. S - Seminiferous tubule
2. E - Epididymis
3. V - Vas deferens
4. E - Ejaculatory duct
5. N - nothing
6. U - Urethra
7. P - Penis

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