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मुश्किल है अपना मेल प्रिये, यह प्यार नहीं है खेल प्रिये |

मुश्किल है अपना मेल प्रिये,
यह प्यार नहीं है खेल प्रिये | 

तुम संबित पात्रा की फॉलोवर हो,
मैं कन्हैया का अदना-सा फैन प्रिये | 
मुश्किल है अपना प्रेम प्रिये,
ये प्यार नहीं है खेल प्रिये | १ | 

तुम पतंजलि दन्त कान्ति सी,
मैं कोयले की राख प्रिये |
मुश्किल है अपना मेल प्रिये,
यह प्यार नहीं है खेल प्रिये | २ | 

तुम मनमोहक मोरनी की जैसी,
मैं काला कुरूप करैत प्रिये | 
मुश्किल है अपना मेल प्रिये,
यह प्यार नहीं है खेल प्रिये | ३ | 

तू मनुस्मृति की प्यासी हो ,
मैं अन्निहिलेशन ऑफ़ कास्ट की व्यथा प्रिये | 
मुश्किल है अपना मेल प्रिये,
यह प्यार नहीं है खेल प्रिये | ४ | 

Opportunity Waits for None

तुम हल्दीराम की मिठाई हो,
मैं ठेले का चाट प्रिये | 
मुश्किल है अपना मेल प्रिये,
यह प्यार नहीं है खेल प्रिये | ५ | 

तुम पिज़्ज़ा और बर्गर हो,
मैं दाल भात और चोखा प्रिये | 
मुश्किल है अपना मेल प्रिये,
यह प्यार नहीं है खेल प्रिये | ६ | 

तुम सच्चे प्रेम की शान हो ,
मैं झूठ का अम्बार प्रिये | 
मुश्किल है अपना मेल प्रिये,
यह प्यार नहीं है खेल प्रिये | ७ | 

मैं दीप हूँ करूँ रौशन जग को,
तुम पटाखे का शोर प्रिये| 
मुश्किल है अपना मेल प्रिये,
यह प्यार नहीं है खेल प्रिये | ८ | 

यह कविता डॉ. सुनील जोगी जी की बहुचर्चित कविता ये प्यार नहीं है खेल प्रिये से प्रेरित है| मजाक मजाक में तुकबंदी करके यह कविता तैयार हो गयी है जिसमे  रितेश कुमार (Weather वाणी ) और सुधांशु कुमार (sidWanshu) का योगदान है|   इन सभी छंदो को पूरा करने में कोई न कोई प्रेरणाश्रोत रहा है उन सभी लोगो को आभार |  ये सभी छंदो को YourQuote App पर प्रकशित किया गया है और पाठकों और श्रोताओं द्वारा सराहा गया है 


Opportunity Waits for None

There was a farmer, living happily with his family in a village. He had worked all his life to accumulate and create wealth and assets. The farmer had the gift of four well-talented sons. He had spent all his life and his earnings to educate and nurture his sons.
Years and years passed on happily.... and then a time came when he reached the last stage of his life. his sons became curious to know who will be the sole owner of all the wealth their father has created. They started playing tricks and cunningly trying to capture the property.

The old man was worried and pained by the act of his sons. He decided to discuss this with his friends and other intellectuals of his village. They came up with the idea to organise a competition related to agriculture.

अच्छे स्वास्थ्य के लिए जरूर पढ़े - आहार, निद्रा और ब्रह्मचर्य का दैनिक जीवन में उपयोग

One day all the villagers gathered in an open field. The old farmer called his sons and asked them to compete in an event and the winner will be the owner of half of the property and rest three sons will get equal share in another half. conditions for the competition was to control the ox with its tail. There will be four chance i.e. four different oxen will come one by one and you have to get control on any one of it.

The competition started in front of all the villagers and the Panchyat members (jury). The First ox came running, it had small horns but had a large tail. They thought the ox to be quite dangerous. It might hit with its head or may trample them under its legs. Scared by the ox, they decided not to put their life in risk and wait of the next ox.

The second ox came walking silently like a warrior, it had large and sharp horns and a small tail. It was healthy and seems to be a professional bullfighter but in reality, it was very humble and a pet ox that could be tamed easily. Out of fear, all four decided not to come in track and left it undisturbed to go waiting for the third ox hoping that it might be less dangerous.

The third ox came lowing (shouting) and walking here and there as if it was finding someone to blow with his head. It had no horns but had a long tail. The loud lowing created fear among the people. All the villagers gave way to the ox. Seeing all this, this time also they decided to wait for the last ox to come and they will put all their efforts jointly to control the ox and hence they will share equal share of the property and live happily.

The last ox came walking slowly from the other end of the field, all the brothers rejoiced to see it walking slowly, seems to be ill and old. They planned that all of them will capture it and get control of it through its tail, and as a reward, all of them will get an equal share of the ancestral property. But to their surprise and dismay, the ox didn't have any horn or tail. They could not get control over the last ox. They repented on the lost opportunity to get ancestral property. They begged, regretted of their mistakes and asked for an apology.

The old farmer and the Panchyat decided to give away a major portion of the property to the panchayat for the welfare of the village. A small portion was given to all the sons of farmers so that they could at least earn for their living.
The Moral of the story is that the Opportunity once lost can't be regained. As time waits for none similarly opportunity waits for none. If you want to achieve your goal you have to start trying since the very first opportunity you gets. This rule applies to all aspects of our life.



happy new year 2019

May god fulfill all your wishes and desires. All your dreams may come true. Have a nice year ahead.

This year will see many ups and downs in the life of people all around the world. The political situations and Environmental scenario will affect people worldwide. we are hopeful to get many game-changing decisions at national and international level. 

We all should be hopeful for the wonderful year ahead and live with positive vibes all around us.

My best wishes are with all of you. 
- Sudhanshu Kumar (sidWanshu)
New Delhi


क्या सच है ? क्या झूठ है ?

मयंक पांडेय द्वारा रचित सच और झूठ को तलाशती यह कविता - काव्यनामा

 क्या सच है? क्या झूठ है?
आओ चलो सोचे, क्या जिसे तुम मानते हो वो सच
या जिसे नही मानते वो झूठ है।

शायद, वो झूठ हो, जिसे तुम देखते हो
और वो सच जिसे तुम नही देख पाते
वो सच भी कितना सच है जिसे तुम देखकर भी झूठ मान जाते
और वो झूठ भी कितना झूठ जिसे तुम बिना देखे सच मान जाते

ये सच क्या है, की हम अधूरे है इसलिए पूरे है
या झूठ है, वो तस्वीर जिसे तुम खीचते हो यादे संजोने के लिए
आगे चलकर बीते किस्से सुनाने के लिए

ये भी सोचना, ये जो अकेलापन है, ये सच हो
और वो भीड़ जो तुम्हारे साथ है वो झूठ हो
Kavyanaama sidwanshu

ये भी हो कि वो पूरी नदी झूठ है
और वो एक बूंद सच है, जिसे तुमने महसूस किया हो
अगर महसूस करना सच है तो तुम, तुम हो


Clean Technology by Er. Diwakar Maurya

Summarised Power Point Presentation on Clean Technology for Sustainable Development of our Society by Er. Diwakar Maurya. 

This content has been Created or Collected by Er. Diwakar Maurya from proper sources.
Clean Technology, sidwanshu


G.D. Agarwal on Ganga

Noted Gandhian and Environmentalist Professor G. D. Agarwal's views for Ganga to New Ganga are also significant for New India. The present mentality of Presenting everything as new will lead India to sabotage. Our ancient beliefs despite being considered as superstition would never have led to such polluted Environment. The Present Exploiting model of Development with everything supplied and exploited as surplus has even exaggerated simpler problems. In simple words Science has opened such paths which cannot be closed by science itself.
The sacrifice of G. D. Agarwal and his Movement for River Ganga and Environment will always be remembered and will show path to environmentalists and general nature loving people.
Guru Das Agrawal also known as Sant Swami Sanand, Sant Swami Gyan Swaroop Sanand was an Indian environmental engineer, religious leader, monk, environmentalist activist, professor and He was the Patron of an NGO named Ganga Mahasabha founded by Madan Mohan Malviya in 1905. Born: 20 July 1932, Died: 11 October 2018 Wikipedia

Video Source: Down To Earth, 24 Sept 2018.

आहार, निद्रा और ब्रह्मचर्य का दैनिक जीवन में उपयोग

भागदौड़ भरी जिंदगी, व मायावी चकाचौंध में लिपटकर हम अपनी संस्कृति और दिनचर्या के मूल तत्वों से दूर होते जा रहे हैं जिससे हमारी शारीरिक स्वास्थय एवम मानसिक स्वास्थय बुरी तरह से प्रभावित हो रहा है | परिणाम स्वरुप मानव जीवन में तनाव व्यवहार परिवर्तन, आपसी कलेश एवम आर्थिक क्षरण हो रहा है| इन्ही तत्वों को ध्यान में रखते हुए आपके सामने प्रस्तुत है डॉ. मोहम्मद आमिर द्वारा लिखित "आहार, निद्रा और ब्रह्मचर्य का दैनिक जीवन में उपयोग" लेख  जो आपको एवम पुरे समाज को एक नई राह दिखाने का काम करेगा |

इस पुरे लेख को पढ़ कर  अपने जीवन में उतारने का प्रयास सभी को करना चाहिए तथा अपनी राय एवं विचार निचे दिए गए कमेंट बॉक्स में जरूर देने का प्रयास करे जिससे हम आपके लिए और और भी नई जानकारी उपलब्ध कराने का प्रयास करेंगे |

इस लेख में वर्णित विचार एवम तथ्य लेखक (Dr. Mohammad Aamir)  के अपने हैं या उनके द्वारा उचित माध्यमों से एकत्रित किया गया है |  लेखक आर्यभट्ट ज्ञान विश्वविद्यालय के गवर्नमेंट आयुर्वेदिक कॉलेज एवम अस्पताल, पटना  के अंतिम वर्ष के विद्यार्थी हैं |
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Call for Publication

Hello Friends,

This website is under development and I have plans to make it a resource for other visiting readers with fulfilment of their demands. Moving towards this objective I request all of you to contribute what ever you can. This may be your scholarly articles, social beliefs or issues, stories, poems , jokes, videos, any creative idea etc, whatever you think beneficial for others or will be liked by your followers.
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Thanks and Regards
Sudhanshu Kumar

Analysis of Waste Water Treatment Technology

PowerPoint presentation on Analysis of Waste Water Treatment Technology prepared by Sudhanshu Kumar.  The presentation has short info about latest researches in the field of Waste Water treatment Technology. For accessing the complete review paper contact the author via Email


Energy Conservation

Today while going through different web pages I found a good collection of tips, critical for conservation of energy which is presented here. By following these simple tips one can save energy to a larger extent and thus reduces carbon footprint and save your money.


Household Appliances
  • Turn off the lights when not in use.
  • Take advantage of daylight by using light-coloured, loose-weave curtains on your windows to allow daylight to penetrate the room. Also, decorate with lighter colours that reflect daylight.
  • De-dust lighting fixtures to maintain illumination.
  • Use task lighting; instead of brightly lighting an entire room, focus the light where you need it.
  • Compact fluorescent bulbs are four times more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs and provide the same lighting.
  • Use electronic chokes in place of conventional copper chokes.

  • Replace conventional regulators with electronic regulators for ceiling fans.
  • Install exhaust fans at a higher elevation than ceiling fans.

Electric iron
  • Select iron boxes with automatic temperature cutoff.
  • Use appropriate regulator position for ironing.
  • Do not put more water on clothes while ironing.
  • Do not iron wet clothes.

Kitchen Appliances
  • Avoid dry grinding in your food processors ( mixers and grinders) as it takes longer time than liquid grinding.

Microwaves ovens
  • Consumes 50 % less energy than conventional electric / gas stoves.
  • Do not bake large food items
  • Unless you're baking breads or pastries, you may not even need to preheat.
  • Don't open the oven door too often to check food condition as each opening leads to a temperature drop of 25°C.

Electric stove
  • Turn off electric stoves several minutes before the specified cooking time.
  • Use flat-bottomed pans that make full contact with the cooking coil.
Use Solar Water Heater
  • A good replacement for a electric water heater

Electronic Devices
  • Do not switch on the power when TV and Audio Systems are not in use i.e. idle operation leads to an energy loss of 10 watts/device

  • Turn off your home office equipment when not in use. A computer that runs 24 hours a day, for instance, uses - more power than an energy-efficient refrigerator.
  • If your computer must be left on, turn off the monitor; this device alone uses more than half the system's energy.
  • Setting computers, monitors, and copiers to use sleep-mode when not in use helps cut energy costs by approximately 40%.
  • Battery chargers, such as those for laptops, cell phones and digital cameras, draw power whenever they are plugged in and are very inefficient. Pull the plug and save.
  • Screen savers save computer screens, not energy. Start-ups and shutdowns do not use any extra energy, nor are they hard on your computer components. In fact, shutting computers down when you are finished using them actually reduces system wear - and saves energy.

  • Regularly defrost manual-defrost refrigerators and freezers; frost buildup increases the amount of energy needed to keep the motor running.
  • Leave enough space between your refrigerator and the walls so that air can easily circulate around the refrigerator.
  • Don't keep your refrigerator or freezer too cold.
  • Make sure your refrigerator door seals are airtight.
  • Cover liquids and wrap foods stored in the refrigerator. Uncovered foods release moisture and make the compressor work harder.
  • Do not open the doors of the refrigerators frequently
  • Don't leave the fridge door open for longer than necessary, as cold air will escape.
  • Use smaller cabinets for storing frequently used items.
  • Avoid putting hot or warm food straight into the fridge.

Washing machines
  • Always wash only with full loads.
  • Use optimal quantity of water.
  • Use timer facility to save energy.
  • Use the correct amount of detergent.
  • Use hot water only for very dirty clothes.
  • Always use cold water in the rinse cycle.
  • Prefer natural drying over electric dryers.

Air Conditioners
  • Prefer air conditioners having automatic temperature cut off.
  • Keep regulators at “low cool” position.
  • Operate the ceiling fan in conjunction with your window air conditioner to spread the cooled air more effectively throughout the room and operate the air conditioner at higher temperature.
  • Seal the doors and windows properly
  • Leave enough space between your air conditioner and the walls to allow better air circulation
  • A roof garden can reduce the load on Air Conditioner.
  • Use windows with sun films/curtains.
  • Set your thermostat as high as comfortably possible in the summer. The less difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures, the lower will be energy consumption.
  • Don't set your thermostat at a colder setting than normal when you turn on your air conditioner. It will not cool your home any faster and could result in excessive cooling.
  • Don't place lamps or TV sets near your air-conditioning thermostat. The thermostat senses heat from these appliances, which can cause the air conditioner to run longer than necessary.
  • Plant trees or shrubs to shade air-conditioning units but not to block the airflow. A unit operating in the shade uses as much as 10% less electricity than the same one operating in the sun.
Read and follow these simple tips and if you have any confusion or need some help contact through the Contact Form or comment below this post.
Source: NBPDCL

स्वामी विवेकानन्द की 155वीं जयन्ती। स्वदेश मंत्र


स्वामी विवेकानद की 155वीं जयन्ती की हार्दिक शुभकामनायें।
युवा दिवस की हार्दिक शुभकामनायें।

स्वदेश मन्त्र 

हे भारत !

केवल दूसरों की हाँ में हाँ में हाँ मिलाकर, दूसरों की इस क्षूद्र नक़ल के द्वारा, दूसरों का ही मुँह ताकते रहकर........ क्या तू इसी पाथेय के सहारे, सभ्यता और महानता के चरम शिखर पर चढ़ सकेगा? 
क्या तू अपनी इस लज्जास्पद कायरता के द्वारा उस स्वाधीनता को प्राप्त कर सकेगा जिसे पाने के अधिकारी केवल साहसी और वीर है?

हे भारत !

मत भूल, तेरे नारीत्व का आदर्श सीता, सावित्री और दमयन्ती है।  
मत भूल कि तेरे उपास्यदेव देवाधिदेव सर्वस्वत्यागी, उमापति शंकर है।  
मत भूल कि तेरा विवाह, तेरी धन-संपत्ति, तेरा जीवन केवल विषय- सुख के हेतु नहीं है, केवल तेरे व्यक्तिगत सुखोपभोग के लिए नहीं है। 
मत भूल कि तू माता के चरणों में बलि चढ़ने के लिए ही पैदा हुआ हैं।  मत भूल कि तेरी समाज - व्यवस्था उस अनन्त जगज्जननी महामाया की छाया मात्र हैं।  
मत भूल कि नीच, अज्ञानी, दरिद्र, अनपढ़, चमार, मेहतर सब तेरे रक्त मांस के है, वे सब तेरे भाई है।  

ओ वीर पुरुष !
साहस बटोर, निर्भीक बन और गर्व कर कि तू भारतवासी है।  गर्व से घोषणा कर कि "मैं भारतवासी हूँ, प्रत्येक भारतवासी मेरा भाई है। " मुख से बोल, "अज्ञानी भारतवासी, दरिद्र और पीड़ित भारतवासी, ब्राह्मण भारतवासी, चाण्डाल भारतवासी सभी मेरे भाई है।" तू भी एक चिथड़े से अपने तन की लज्जा को ढँक ले और गर्वपूर्वक उच्च-स्वर से उद्धोष कर, "प्रत्येक भारतवासी मेरा भाई है, भारतवासी मेरे प्राण हैं, भारत के देवी-देवता मेरे ईश्वर है।  भारत का समाज मेरे बचपन का झूला, मेरे यौवन की फुलवारी और मेरे बुढ़ापे की काशी है।"

मेरे भाई, 
कह : "भारत की मिटटी मेरा स्वर्ग है, भारत के कल्याण में ही मेरा कल्याण है।" 
अहोरात्र जपा कर, "हे गौरीनाथ ! हे जगदम्बे ! मुझे मनुष्यत्व दो।  हे शक्तिमयी माँ ! मेरी दुर्बलता को हर लो; मेरी कापुरुषता को दूर भगा दो और मुझे मनुष्य बना दो, माँ !"

~ स्वामी विवेकानन्द

Anti Hunger Squad and Anti Human Trafficking Movement.

There is a very common saying that everything in this world is interconnected and interdependent. Today I will keep my views on the relationship between anti hunger movement and the anti human trafficking movement. Because we are working for both anti hunger and anti human trafficking movement. Out of many reasons of human trafficking I found that the food is also a driving agent for human trafficking. We find many kids and other people wandering here and there in search of food. If many people simultaneously rejects their demand of food and do not feed them. These starving people can easily go into the clutches of trafficking agents.

I will illustrate it through a most common example of kids. Any kid who had  been starving for more than one day will become so curious and anxious about food that even a mere offer of a single chocolate will attract that kid. The main point here is that the kid will even follow the person who offered chocolate, in greed of some more food. One thing I have noted that the kids are most vulnerable to human trafficking due to their naive behaviour, innocence, unwary and credulous nature.

So I will urge all my followers and readers of this article to kindly not ignore if you find any kid asking for food.

Anti Hunger Squad


The Anti Hunger Squad is itself a movement for all socially sensitive and sympathetic people living in the society. The squad's aim is not very big like running any free food service or any type of Public Distribution System.

It aims to provide food to anyone who is starving near you starting from your vicinity.
 The person may be your neighbour living in miserable condition or any beggar or any daily wage worker, any kid or any old person ie. it may be anyone.

It gives you a chance to hear your inner voice which is eager to help others. So, let us start with the basic human need -- The Food.
Since this is your movement for the society so you must take good photographs or selfie while feeding the needy. As a reward best and motivating photographs and selfies will be featured on our Facebook page @antihungersquad

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Hi friends,

One day I was going through a deep thought process and I realized the importance of all the friends who have shared some precious moments with me at some point of time. So I thought to share my Journey till date and experience with all those friends.

Many of you were thinking of why I have selected "SIDWANSHU" as my on-screen name in the virtual world. For your information my name is Sudhanshu = Sudha + Anshu.

Nick name in my house is Dabloo = ‘W’.

Some of my friends called me ‘Sid’.

 So, I Puzzled SID + W + Anshu = sidWanshu and coined a new name for myself which was totally unique, I verified it on Google it was only me.

As I recollect those memorable moments starting from my childhood and stepping towards the school life either at the Government school of my village or the only Convent School in my Panchayat at that time.

I also clearly remember the period when my elder brother was sent to the boarding school, Sun Rise Public School at Bagaha for his studies. Knowing this, I also forced my parents to send me to that school. My wish was fulfilled and I got admission in nursery class.

I studied there up to class Vth, in 2007 me and my brother shifted to Bettiah for higher studies and got admission in Notre Dame Public school. There at NDPS, I completed my 10th and shifted to Patna in 2011. I got admission in College of Commerce in Biology stream in intermediate. But after 10 days I shifted to Araria to get admission in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya on 16th August 2011. There, I stayed for 2 years and completed my intermediate (10+2) in 2013 with Physics Chemistry and Biology. Again I returned back to Patna and took a year break for medical entrance preparation. Later on in 2014, I got admission in prestigious Patna Science College in undergraduate course in Zoology.

Within this journey of my life I got chance to gain experience through many NGOs, Clubs, Unions and Institutions. I visited places such as Kanyakumari, Bangaluru, Delhi, Lucknow, Chennai, Varanasi, Madurai, Gorakhpur, Siliguri, and many places in Bihar.

Every day and every moment I am blessed with the company of new friends. In fact I am blessed with friends at each and every stages of my life's journey I had mentioned. The main reason behind such a huge list of friends is the hostel life. I have passed more than half of my age in hostels of different institutions.

The most important part of this is that there are many types of friends. It is really amazing to think in this way but it's very interesting to categories those friends. I have thought of some types to categories my friends but I will not name any of my friends. Let’s have a look what my mind has poured for you.

  • Friends of childhood commonly called ‘Langotiya Yaar’.
  • Nursery friends of which only face and interesting moments are still preserved in our mind but the names are missing.
  • Class Topper, who was among studious student and front benchers.
  • Back bencher’s friends who helped in sleeping at the back and also play in class.
  • At the same time back benchers were also very good friends who helped in sleeping and playing at the back of the classroom.
  • Friends who brought tasty mouthwatering items packed in their lunch box.
  • Friends who never shared their secrets.
  • Friends who shared each and every secret.
  • Friends who were good at fighting for me.
  • Friends who supported as the monitor of the class.
  • Friends who have left me alone at a point with the belief that only I could do that very work.
  • Friends who were with me to lend their helping hand in need.
  • Friends who understood that I loved someone.
  • Friends who tagged me with one of the female classmate without my knowledge.
  • Friends who shared uniform and Clothes.
  • Friends who were mentor and guide to me.
  • Friends for whom I was a guide.
  • Friends whom I loved and cared the most but couldn’t tell.
  • The friend who looked and smile at me but never spoke a single word.
  • Friends who gave me unique names/ surnames/ titles / for my deeds and behaviour.
  • Friends who met for a short while but left an unomittable impression.
  • Friends whom I said “I Love U” daily.
  • Friends who never agreed or replied positively.
  • Friends who always agreed with me.
  • Friends who always seeks suggestions from me.
  • The friend who always copied my notes.
  • The friend who was always available for me.
  • The friend whose shoulder was always there for me to weep and sleep.
  • The friend whom I shared all my past and future plans.
  • Friends only available on Facebook.
  • Friends made by wrong number calls.
  • Whatsapp friends.
  • The friend who always forgives me for my mistakes.
  • The friend who never sleeps without talking with me.
  • The friend with whom every fight brought us more closer.
  • 24 x 7 busy friends.

Hope all my friends will find themselves fall within multiple categories. But if you have any Suggestion or a new category of friend, must share it as a comment or as a personal message.
Thank you.


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