Opportunity Waits for None

There was a farmer, living happily with his family in a village. He had worked all his life to accumulate and create wealth and assets. The farmer had the gift of four well-talented sons. He had spent all his life and his earnings to educate and nurture his sons.
Years and years passed on happily.... and then a time came when he reached the last stage of his life. his sons became curious to know who will be the sole owner of all the wealth their father has created. They started playing tricks and cunningly trying to capture the property.

The old man was worried and pained by the act of his sons. He decided to discuss this with his friends and other intellectuals of his village. They came up with the idea to organise a competition related to agriculture.

अच्छे स्वास्थ्य के लिए जरूर पढ़े - आहार, निद्रा और ब्रह्मचर्य का दैनिक जीवन में उपयोग

One day all the villagers gathered in an open field. The old farmer called his sons and asked them to compete in an event and the winner will be the owner of half of the property and rest three sons will get equal share in another half.

https://www.flickr.com/photos/wsl-libdev/15844958982The conditions for the competition was to control the ox with its tail. There will be four chance i.e. four different oxen will come one by one and you have to get control on any one of it.

The competition started in front of all the villagers and the Panchyat members (jury). The First ox came running, it had small horns but had a large tail. They thought the ox to be quite dangerous. It might hit with its head or may trample them under its legs. Scared by the ox, they decided not to put their life in risk and wait of the next ox.

The second ox came walking silently like a warrior, it had large and sharp horns and a small tail. It was healthy and seems to be a professional bullfighter but in reality, it was very humble and a pet ox that could be tamed easily. Out of fear, all four decided not to come in track and left it undisturbed to go waiting for the third ox hoping that it might be less dangerous.

The third ox came lowing (shouting) and walking here and there as if it was finding someone to blow with his head. It had no horns but had a long tail. The loud lowing created fear among the people. All the villagers gave way to the ox. Seeing all this, this time also they decided to wait for the last ox to come and they will put all their efforts jointly to control the ox and hence they will share equal share of the property and live happily.

The last ox came walking slowly from the other end of the field, all the brothers rejoiced to see it walking slowly, seems to be ill and old. They planned that all of them will capture it and get control of it through its tail, and as a reward, all of them will get an equal share of the ancestral property. But to their surprise and dismay, the ox didn't have any horn or tail. They could not get control over the last ox. They repented on the lost opportunity to get ancestral property. They begged, regretted of their mistakes and asked for an apology.

The old farmer and the Panchyat decided to give away a major portion of the property to the panchayat for the welfare of the village. A small portion was given to all the sons of farmers so that they could at least earn for their living.
The Moral of the story is that the Opportunity once lost can't be regained. As time waits for none similarly opportunity waits for none. If you want to achieve your goal you have to start trying since the very first opportunity you gets. This rule applies to all aspects of our life.


  1. آسف أنا غير مهتم بمكافحة الآفات.
    بالمناسبة ، إذا كنت قد قرأت القصة ، فيرجى التعليق وفقًا لذلك ، سواء أعجبك ذلك أم لا ، أو أي اقتراحات إن وجدت.


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