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Anti Hunger Squad and Anti Human Trafficking Movement.

There is a very common saying that everything in this world is interconnected and interdependent. Today I will keep my views on the relationship between anti hunger movement and the anti human trafficking movement. Because we are working for both anti hunger and anti human trafficking movement. Out of many reasons of human trafficking I found that the food is also a driving agent for human trafficking. We find many kids and other people wandering here and there in search of food. If many people simultaneously rejects their demand of food and do not feed them. These starving people can easily go into the clutches of trafficking agents.

I will illustrate it through a most common example of kids. Any kid who had  been starving for more than one day will become so curious and anxious about food that even a mere offer of a single chocolate will attract that kid. The main point here is that the kid will even follow the person who offered chocolate, in greed of some more food. One thing I have noted that the kids are most vulnerable to human trafficking due to their naive behaviour, innocence, unwary and credulous nature.

So I will urge all my followers and readers of this article to kindly not ignore if you find any kid asking for food.

Anti Hunger Squad


The Anti Hunger Squad is itself a movement for all socially sensitive and sympathetic people living in the society. The squad's aim is not very big like running any free food service or any type of Public Distribution System.

It aims to provide food to anyone who is starving near you starting from your vicinity.
 The person may be your neighbour living in miserable condition or any beggar or any daily wage worker, any kid or any old person ie. it may be anyone.

It gives you a chance to hear your inner voice which is eager to help others. So, let us start with the basic human need -- The Food.
Since this is your movement for the society so you must take good photographs or selfie while feeding the needy. As a reward best and motivating photographs and selfies will be featured on our Facebook page @antihungersquad

Feel free to give suggestions either through the comment box or through message on our page.

Must share this  page to as many people you can.


Hi friends,

One day I was going through a deep thought process and I realized the importance of all the friends who have shared some precious moments with me at some point of time. So I thought to share my Journey till date and experience with all those friends.

Many of you were thinking of why I have selected "SIDWANSHU" as my on-screen name in the virtual world. For your information my name is Sudhanshu = Sudha + Anshu.

Nick name in my house is Dabloo = ‘W’.

Some of my friends called me ‘Sid’.

 So, I Puzzled SID + W + Anshu = sidWanshu and coined a new name for myself which was totally unique, I verified it on Google it was only me.

As I recollect those memorable moments starting from my childhood and stepping towards the school life either at the Government school of my village or the only Convent School in my Panchayat at that time.

I also clearly remember the period when my elder brother was sent to the boarding school, Sun Rise Public School at Bagaha for his studies. Knowing this, I also forced my parents to send me to that school. My wish was fulfilled and I got admission in nursery class.

I studied there up to class Vth, in 2007 me and my brother shifted to Bettiah for higher studies and got admission in Notre Dame Public school. There at NDPS, I completed my 10th and shifted to Patna in 2011. I got admission in College of Commerce in Biology stream in intermediate. But after 10 days I shifted to Araria to get admission in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya on 16th August 2011. There, I stayed for 2 years and completed my intermediate (10+2) in 2013 with Physics Chemistry and Biology. Again I returned back to Patna and took a year break for medical entrance preparation. Later on in 2014, I got admission in prestigious Patna Science College in undergraduate course in Zoology.

Within this journey of my life I got chance to gain experience through many NGOs, Clubs, Unions and Institutions. I visited places such as Kanyakumari, Bangaluru, Delhi, Lucknow, Chennai, Varanasi, Madurai, Gorakhpur, Siliguri, and many places in Bihar.

Every day and every moment I am blessed with the company of new friends. In fact I am blessed with friends at each and every stages of my life's journey I had mentioned. The main reason behind such a huge list of friends is the hostel life. I have passed more than half of my age in hostels of different institutions.

The most important part of this is that there are many types of friends. It is really amazing to think in this way but it's very interesting to categories those friends. I have thought of some types to categories my friends but I will not name any of my friends. Let’s have a look what my mind has poured for you.

  • Friends of childhood commonly called ‘Langotiya Yaar’.
  • Nursery friends of which only face and interesting moments are still preserved in our mind but the names are missing.
  • Class Topper, who was among studious student and front benchers.
  • Back bencher’s friends who helped in sleeping at the back and also play in class.
  • At the same time back benchers were also very good friends who helped in sleeping and playing at the back of the classroom.
  • Friends who brought tasty mouthwatering items packed in their lunch box.
  • Friends who never shared their secrets.
  • Friends who shared each and every secret.
  • Friends who were good at fighting for me.
  • Friends who supported as the monitor of the class.
  • Friends who have left me alone at a point with the belief that only I could do that very work.
  • Friends who were with me to lend their helping hand in need.
  • Friends who understood that I loved someone.
  • Friends who tagged me with one of the female classmate without my knowledge.
  • Friends who shared uniform and Clothes.
  • Friends who were mentor and guide to me.
  • Friends for whom I was a guide.
  • Friends whom I loved and cared the most but couldn’t tell.
  • The friend who looked and smile at me but never spoke a single word.
  • Friends who gave me unique names/ surnames/ titles / for my deeds and behaviour.
  • Friends who met for a short while but left an unomittable impression.
  • Friends whom I said “I Love U” daily.
  • Friends who never agreed or replied positively.
  • Friends who always agreed with me.
  • Friends who always seeks suggestions from me.
  • The friend who always copied my notes.
  • The friend who was always available for me.
  • The friend whose shoulder was always there for me to weep and sleep.
  • The friend whom I shared all my past and future plans.
  • Friends only available on Facebook.
  • Friends made by wrong number calls.
  • Whatsapp friends.
  • The friend who always forgives me for my mistakes.
  • The friend who never sleeps without talking with me.
  • The friend with whom every fight brought us more closer.
  • 24 x 7 busy friends.

Hope all my friends will find themselves fall within multiple categories. But if you have any Suggestion or a new category of friend, must share it as a comment or as a personal message.
Thank you.


Patna Science College | College Song | कॉलेज गान | जगमग ज्योति जले

जगमग ज्योति जले         
जगमग ज्योति जले      
यह विज्ञान महाविद्यालय
भारत गौरव, दीप विभामय 
जग की आशा, युग का आश्रय 
बल दे,  विमल बले
जगमग ज्योति जले ........

अँधियारे में, मृत्यु लहर पर 
जागे जीवन, ज्योति तिमिर हर
सत्य प्रकट हो, बन शिव सुंदर 
इसकी छाँह तले
जगमग ज्योति जले ..........

प्रकृति विजय फल मंगल दाता
शक्ति सुधामय नव निर्माता
सायंस कॉलेज शांति  विधाता 
भव,  भय कलुष दले 

जगमग ज्योति जले 
जगमग ज्योति ........
जगमग ज्योति .........
जगमाह ज्योति.........

                             रामगोपाल वर्मा 'रूद्र'

YouTube पर कॉलेज गान को देखने के लिए नीचे दिए गए लिंक पर क्लिक करें |

This College Song of Patna Science College was performed on 15th November 2016, College Foundation Day. Song was prepared in the guidance of Dr. Atul Aditya Pandey sir. Video recorded by Sudhanshu Kumar. Must Watch and Don't forget to Subscribe my Channel. Your Suggestions are Most Welcome.



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