Anti Hunger Squad


The Anti Hunger Squad is itself a movement for all socially sensitive and sympathetic people living in the society. The squad's aim is not very big like running any free food service or any type of Public Distribution System.

It aims to provide food to anyone who is starving near you starting from your vicinity.
 The person may be your neighbour living in miserable condition or any beggar or any daily wage worker, any kid or any old person ie. it may be anyone.

It gives you a chance to hear your inner voice which is eager to help others. So, let us start with the basic human need -- The Food.
Since this is your movement for the society so you must take good photographs or selfie while feeding the needy. As a reward best and motivating photographs and selfies will be featured on our Facebook page @antihungersquad

Feel free to give suggestions either through the comment box or through message on our page.

Must share this  page to as many people you can.


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