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मेधा घोटाला: एक शैक्षिक त्रासदी

कला और विज्ञान संकाय के टॉपरों का इंटरव्यू ने बिहार विद्यालय परीक्षा समिति द्वारा जारी की गई टॉपरों की सूची को अविश्वसनीयता के कटघरे मे खड़ा कर दिया है। उचित समय पर परीक्षाफल प्रकाशित होने से सभी छात्रो और अभिभावको द्वारा बोर्ड के प्रयासों को follow the author on facebook:: Mithilesh Guptaकाफी सराहा गया ।


Now a days the trending issue is the result scam in Intermediate Examination conducted by Bihar Intermediate Examination Council in 2016.
It was customary for well wishers in Bihar to assist their kids with cheating in exams by crawling over the walls of the examination centres like SPIDERMAN and Lizards. But after it was denunciated all over the world following the live videos and reports of mass level cheating in Board Examinations.
This year the education board, the government and the administration applied all its efforts to conduct fair and transparent examinations. Thus the government's endeavor was welcomed, especially because it was not supposed to happen after the grand coalition came into power.
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Bright Side of Education System of Bihar



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