Anti Hunger Squad and Anti Human Trafficking Movement.

There is a very common saying that everything in this world is interconnected and interdependent. Today I will keep my views on the relationship between anti hunger movement and the anti human trafficking movement. Because we are working for both anti hunger and anti human trafficking movement. Out of many reasons of human trafficking I found that the food is also a driving agent for human trafficking. We find many kids and other people wandering here and there in search of food. If many people simultaneously rejects their demand of food and do not feed them. These starving people can easily go into the clutches of trafficking agents.

I will illustrate it through a most common example of kids. Any kid who had  been starving for more than one day will become so curious and anxious about food that even a mere offer of a single chocolate will attract that kid. The main point here is that the kid will even follow the person who offered chocolate, in greed of some more food. One thing I have noted that the kids are most vulnerable to human trafficking due to their naive behaviour, innocence, unwary and credulous nature.

So I will urge all my followers and readers of this article to kindly not ignore if you find any kid asking for food.


  1. Significant topic, i think it brings a new change in this era. But it is more influencing on youth. there are various reason which traps them in to human trafficking.


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